Bosnian Kebab History


Bosnian Kebab, in Bosnian language called Ćevap is without a doubt, the most popular dish in Bosnian cuisine. These small pieces of rolled minced meat are carefully prepared and grilled on a special charcoal grill. The regular portion contains 10 pieces and comes along with fresh Somun (Bosnian bread), Onion, Sour Cream and most importantly Ajvar sauce.
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Bosnian Kebab has a long history. In fact, records state that the recipe of this delicious Kebab was developed during the middle ages. It was brought by the Ottomans to Sarajevo and Bosnia under the name of Ottoman Kofta. Some believe the Persians developed the recipe, but the Ottomans introduced the recipe to Bosnia which at that time was under the Ottoman rule while Sarajevo was a regional hub of the Balkans.
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There are a lot of recipes how to make a homemade Bosnian Kebab but none of them will come even close to the ones the famous Chefs and top restaurant brands prepare. At first glance, the Bosnian Kebab looks like a simple dish but in reality, it’s as complex as It gets. In Bosnia the Top Chefs have transferred their knowledge and the secret recipe over centuries from one generation to the next.
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